Use Cases - How Trendentify can help you

Hello, I'm Tim Trends, the owner of the TimTrend GmbH. The TimTrend GmbH is a sofa retailer with a focus on 3-seater sofas. We've been selling on other marketplaces for some time and just recently joined is a new territory for us. Therefore we have many questions about how to optimize our business on this platform.

Webshop Optimization

We would like to offer our new 3-seater sofa. To gain a lot of attention our product description needs to be optimized. So how can we use Trendentify to improve our offers on

With the help of the Search Rank, we can first of all get an overview about the relevant keywords of the selected category. This gives us the opportunity to find synonyms for our product descriptions and to better assess their relevance.

Use_Case_1_Search Rank

Since we focus on 3-seater sofas, we set the category to "3er-Sofas" to specify the selection of relevant keywords to our offered products.


The Keyword Exlorer can also be used to do a research for relevant keywords. It illustrates relevant keywords of the selected category in the form of a performance matrix.


For the description of a 3-seater sofa we can see that there appear different synonyms inside of the search queries which differ in their volume and growth. Are we using the most searched keyword right now?

It would also be interesting to know if the relevance of these keywords fluctuate from time to time. If we click on certain points in the performance matrix, these are transferred to the Search Trend Analysis. Now we can have a look at the relevance of the set keywords over the selected period.


"Sofa 3 Sitzer" usually has the most search queries, yet the keywords fluctuate on certain days. The development of individual keywords should be checked after a certain time and, if necessary, adjusted in the product description to ensure an optimal findability.

Expansion of Product Range

We decide to expand the product range of the TimTrends GmbH and therefore we need some information to identify promising market gaps and better assess our chances. We ask ourselves what customers are specifically looking for, which search queries are showing strong growth at the moment and for which related products there is currently only an insufficient offer?

The Search Rank or the Keyword Explorer provides us with a first starting point for a further research. If we look at a superordinate category, such as sofas, we can see for which products customers on are looking for in this category. This provides us with an estimate of the demand and relevance of certain products.

Use_Case_1_Search Rank

We also ask ourselves which products are doing well at the moment. The purchase rank tells us which products are selling the most in the respective category or which products generate the most revenue. In addition, the rank achieved and the number of clicks can be used to estimate the conversion of the product.


The top-ranked products can serve as clues for a more in-depth research. For example, we can see that the sofa on the 5th place has a relatively low number of clicks, but is ranked high. The conversion of this product seems to be good and the product features in this case probably match the customer's wishes. Here, it may be worthwhile to take a closer look at the product on and try to gain further insights into relevant purchasing factors and product features.

With the help of the customer rating function on, we can specifically analyze the characteristics of a product and gain an impression about which of these factors contribute to the success or failure of the viewed product.


If we recognize deficiencies in a product that is doing well, we can try to offer a similar product and eliminate the existing deficiencies of the competitior. We can also take the well-rated features of a product as a role model and try to ensure that our features have the same quality and, at best, surpass them.

With the Brand Attention we can also see which brands are doing well on the Otto marketplace and subsequently analyze their products, style and marketing measures in more detail.


As a new seller on the Otto marketplace, I want to compare myself with other companies and keep an eye on my own performance on a regular basis.

The Brand analysis can be used to benchmark brand attention. We can look at what percentage of clicks our company and our competitors generated at certain points in the queried period.


The input field can be used to select specific competitors for a more specific benchmarking. This gives us the opportunity to evaluate our performance in comparison to our direct competitors.


The Purchase Rank can additionally be used to evaluate the performance on a product level. There we can have a look at how the competitors products and our own products perform in terms of sales made and revenue achieved. We can also see how many clicks they generated. This provides us with additional information for our benchmarking.